Short Funny Mother’s Day Messages 2019

Short Funny Mother’s Day Messages 2019 to write on Mother’s Day Cards 2019 and share on social media with your MOM, Family, and Friends on this Mother’s Day. Hope you will our Funny collection.

Short Funny Mother's Day Messages 2019

Short Funny Mother’s Day Messages 2019

Short Funny Mother’s Day Messages 2019

“Raising me took a lot of patience and strength. Thanks for hanging in there.”

“To Mom, with love, from your favorite child.”

“Sorry if I drove you crazy. I only did it because I love you!”

“Thanks for putting up with us! We love you like crazy.”

“Thank you for being the only Mother in the world who would love a crazy child like me.”

Short Funny Mother's Day Messages 2019

Short Funny Mother’s Day Messages 2019

“Happy Mother’s Day! I promise today I’ll pick up my room. Maybe.”

“I wanted to get you something special this Mother’s Day, so I decided to give you some peace and quiet.”

“Mother’s Day is every day when you have a gift of a child like me!”

“Happy Mother’s Day, and thank you for your service. We salute you.”

“Happy Mother’s Day! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. Literally.”

Funny Mother’s Day Messages

Funny Mother's Day Messages

Funny Mother’s Day Messages

  • From Son #1 to Mother #1 – Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I’d made you breakfast in bed if you’d taught me how to cook.
  • I love how we don’t even have to say out loud that I’m your favorite child.
  • Thanks for bringing me up into a world where love can be expressed electronically.
  • Mom, on this Mother’s Day I want to apologize for everything I did growing up.
  • They say that as you grow older, you turn more and more into the type of person your parents are. Thank God you’re so AWESOME!
  • It’s that time of year and you’re still my mother. You’d think you’d have been promoted by now. Happy Mother’s Day
  • Just for Mother’s Day, I’d like to give you a big hug or a million dollars, whichever you prefer. BIG HUG – Do I know my mom, or what?
  • Mom, you know you’re more than welcome to come over to my place for dinner, but there’s one little problem- All the food I have needs to be cooked. Happy Mother’s Day.

Funny Mother’s Day Messages 2019

Funny Mother's Day Messages 2019

Funny Mother’s Day Messages 2019

Q: Why can’t you buy a mom at a Mother’s Day sale?

A: Because moms are priceless.

Q: Why do chatty mothers make bad jailhouse guards?

A: Because they never let anyone finish a sentence.

Q: What did the digital clock say to its mom?

A: “Look, Mom! No hands!”

Q: Why are moms’ optometrist bills twice as high?

A: Because Mom also has eyes in the back of her head.

Q: What do mommy ropes say to baby ropes?

A: “Stop being knotty.”

Q: What did the mother spider say to the teenage spider?

A: You spend too much time on the web.

Q: Which four words solve all Dad’s issues?

A: “Go ask your mother.”

Short Funny Mother’s Day Messages

Short Funny Mother's Day Messages

Short Funny Mother’s Day Messages

Happy Mother’s Day mom, love from your *favorite* child.

Mom, I got all my best qualities from you. Aren’t we lucky that you had enough for both of us?

I’m so lucky to have you as my mother… I’m sure no one else would have put up with me this long. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, I know it’s hard for you on Mother’s Day… to hide the fact that I’m your favorite 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks for putting up with a spoiled, ungrateful, messy, bratty child like my sibling. Happy Mother’s Day!

Only a mother as perfect as you… could have a (daughter/son) as perfect as me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. Don’t worry about [brother’s name], I know he isn’t your fault, he must be adopted.

Happy Mother’s Day to a woman who deserves a medal… for putting up with me all these years!

Thanks for letting me be a parasite in your body for 9 months… followed by another 18 years as a parasite outside your body.

Don’t you think it’s funny that you’re still my Mother? You deserve to have been promoted by now!

You’re a very special mom so I’d like to give you a very special gift. You can have either a hug or a million dollars, whichever you prefer.
**BIG HUG!**
Do I know you well or what!?

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.”
~ Calvin Trillin

Happy Mother’s Day to someone who carried me for 9 months physically, and for [insert age] years financially.

Mother (n). One person who does the work of twenty. For free. Also see: “saint”.

Mom, I just wanted to say “Congratulations”… I turned out perfectly!

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